School Outings

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    Winter Sports Day at Redbridge

    Winter Sports Day at Redbridge Sports Centre – always a brilliant afternoon for the children, who get a chance to do netball, trampolining, badminton and football.
    Brilliant team work in the netball matches today, with lots of skilled passes and forward thinking.
    Trampoliners were working on their tucks, pikes and high jumps. Whilst the badminton group were working on how to throw and bat.
    High energy and fast paced game from the footballers. Great work from everyone today!

    More photos of the afternoon on Facebook and vids on YouTube!

  • Year 6 Junior Citizens Meeting

    The Junior Citizens Scheme is about teaching children in Year 6 (ages 10 or 11) how to keep safe in everyday life. During their visit all children experience different safety scenarios and each child is given the opportunity to practice making a 999 telephone call. All learning sessions are designed to be interactive, where children are taught a variety of life skills which focus upon how to keep themselves safe whilst potentially helping others who may be in difficulty or distress.

    Based on the controlled learning experiences provided, children are encouraged to make decisions which they may face during a real life emergency.

    “It was a really successful afternoon. The pupils learnt about the importance of personal safety in a variety of situations. They were a credit to the school and even won a prize for their excellent behaviour and attention throughout the afternoon.” – Mr Manning, Year 6 Teacher.



    Read more on the Guardian about how this scheme is rolling out through Redbridge – click here.


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    Monday Assembly


    This week’s Value is focusing on ‘enjoyment’. We started the day by thinking about things that we enjoy doing. A variety of answers included reading, English lessons, bike rides, golf, holidays and being with family. 

    Ms Burgess explained that although it is important to work and learn, to find enjoyment is most important because if you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll always do well! And life is to be enjoyed.

    Moving on from our value, something we enjoy in school are performances! Our lovely Year 1 and 2’s have been learning a very cool dance in time for their play (Play to Parents Friday 17th March 9am). Take a look here…


    Upcycling Competition

    Miss Powell reminded us that this week is ‘Waste Week’ and we’re taking part in the upcycling competition.

    If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, read more and fill in your entry form here:

    All entries need to be submitted by Friday 10th March, please can children bring their entries into school, so we can show them in assembly.

    Click the link to view more information, tips, ideas and what you can do to be in with a chance of winning.



    Year 5 & 6 Basketball Trip
    A very big thank you to Miss Powell for organising an amazing trip this weekend!  Ms Maskell said that she was “very impressed with behaviour, I know enjoyed themselves. So a big thanks to Miss Powell for a great trip!”

    They watched the London Lions vs Leeds Forces (who won by 90:81)


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    Christmas Starts Early at Manor Court Lodge

    Year 5 took a trip down to perform for and visit the residents at Manor Court Lodge yesterday.

    The children were really looking forward to their mini Christmas concert for the ladies and gentlemen. They started with some carols and then moved on to perform flute, guitar and viola renditions of Christmas songs.

    “Very confidently played and a wonderful way to get into the festive mood!” Residents thanked the children when they had a chance to chat at the end. Miss Maskell was so impressed with how engaged in conversation her class were, whilst they enjoyed some juice and biscuits. Miss Maskell received lots of compliments from the residents to say how impressed they were with the quality of the children’s performances and how delightful the children were too.

    Mrs Phillips also mentioned that many residents said how well the children were behaved and how polite they were! We’ve even been invited back for a Summer performance!

    Really well done to our lovely Year 5 class.


    Watch more over on YouTube

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    Wildlife Club – Bird Watching

    Year 2 and 3 took a trip around to a local park to see what birds they could spot. Wildlife Club are taking part in the RSPB Wildlife Action Awards and must complete either 6, 8 or 10 hours worth of activities in order to receive a bronze, silver or gold action award.

    prep school children bird watching

    “I can see a nest!”

    The children took an almost silent walk around the local neighbourhood to see what birds they could spot. Mrs Mathison asked them to be as silent as possible and explained that “birds are fearful creatures who are expecting peace and quiet, so we must be just as quiet if we hope to spot any birds!”

    prep school private education

    “Where can you see a pigeon? Can you point to it?”

    Along the way, we spotted many wood pigeons, a few crows and rooks, a handful of seagulls and one HAWK… Although we’re not sure about that one. We’re well on our way to achieving a Bronze award, keep up with our journey here or on Facebook!

    Snaresbrook Prep School wildlife Extra curricular activity

    “We must be silent, so that we don’t scare the birds!”

    If you want to take part at home, follow the link to the RSPB website for more info.


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    Sports Day & Snaresbrook Olympics

    From the Introduction given by our President, Ms Fourie, where we learned about the Values of Olympics and the History too.

    To the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday where we were picked for our Teams and answered a few questions in order to gain some points!

    THEN… onto the main event. Sports Day! What a fantastic event we all had, we’re very tired today though. The sun made an appearance; the day ran on time and we had lots of new activities this year, including blind running! A complete success and a really enjoyable day for all.

    We hope you had as much fun as we all did – here are some of the photos from yesterday’s Sports Day. Enjoy!






    More photos to come – please check our Social platforms:

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    Shropshire: Day 3

    The moment the Year 6’s have been waiting for… the high ropes!
    It certainly takes some confidence to get up there and balance across the wires. Our Year 6’s have done extremely well and are loving the challenges.
    Water Polo in the pool to cool down and some rock climbing this morning.
    Update from Mrs Alderson over on the Holiday Blog:
    “The first activities this morning were high ropes and climbing. After break and later this afternoon the children will be playing water polo. They are really enjoying themselves and its great to see their confidence grow day by day as they challenge themselves in a safe and secure environment.
    Good evening everyone! The children are all at the DISCO and we’re having a well deserved hour to ourselves! We promised them we wouldn’t take the iPad and video their dance moves! They are all so happy, relaxed and enjoying themselves; and we are too!
    This afternoon one group did crate stacking and the others did the blind trail. Both great activities which they will remember forever.”File_000

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