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    We are a small independent school for children aged three-and-a-half to eleven. In our last inspection report we were graded “excellent” in all areas. We are small enough for all adults and children to know each other.

    We provide a rounded education covering every aspect of our children’s early development. The curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for independent, state and grammar school entrance as well as scholarship examinations.

    Our guiding principle is to find the right and the best approach for every child and to install a sense of fun and discovery into the learning process.

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    We take pupils from age three-and-a-half to eleven. Children enter the Nursery and ideally continue through the school to Year 6. All of our classes are small and include both boys and girls.

    We provide a rounded primary education covering every aspect of your child’s early development. The curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for public and grammar school entrance and scholarship examinations. Each child is introduced to subjects with great care and sensitivity by working individually, in small groups or with the whole class. We try to find the approach which enables each child to learn and work with enjoyment and enthusiasm and to relate well with fellow pupils.

    See Some Example Lessons
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    Informal visits allow prospective parents to get a feel for the school and to see the children at work. Parents are invited to organise an informal visit by contacting the office on 020 8989 2394. We hold two general open days during the year, usually in March and October. Details of the dates will be advertised on the front page of our website and in the local press. All interested families are welcome to come along, no appointment is necessary. Families will be shown around by one of Year 6 pupils and will have the opportunity to speak to staff as they go around the school.

    If you are interested in applying for a place at our school, for entry at any age, please click the button below where you can find relevant information and download a copy of the registration form.

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    Getting to Know Us

    Staff at Snaresbrook Prep aim to cultivate a caring family atmosphere in which children feel secure and valued. Many members of the team have been at Snaresbrook for over 10 years and we believe this gives us a strong center, with long standing knowledge and experience to best help our pupils thrive.

    Meet the Staff

Further information is also available by post.


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Get in Touch with Us

If you have any further questions feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below and a member of our office staff will get back to you shortly.

Our Location

Snaresbrook Prep School
75, Woodford Road
London, E18 2EA

Contact Us

Phone: 020 8989 2394
Email: office@snaresbrookprep.org

The Chairman of our Board of Directors, Mr Stephen Mathison, can be contacted via the Office email or at the school’s postal address.

Staffed Hours

Monday to Friday
8-30am to 4-30pm

A Small School for Big Futures