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    Communication Assembly

    Mr Savage came in today to deliver our assembly. He discussed with the children different ways of communicating. The children (and staff!) were amazed at some of the facts!

    • In 1914, in Scotland 2000 messages were put into bottles and into the sea. A bottle was found 98 years later bobbing around!
    • In 2005 84 million letters were sent EVERY day!
    • YouTube has 300 hrs of video uploaded every minute, every day!

    Mr Savage asked, are there more people than mobile phones in the world or more mobile phones than people?

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    ANSWER………….more mobile phones than people…..7.4 billion people and 8.4 billion phones! WOW!

    Mr Savage went onto compare the messages we write or send to praying. Praying can be a friendly chat to God.

    Jesus taught his people the ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and we said this prayer together today.


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    What is ‘Excellence’?

    Excellence is doing something to the best of your ability

    – Henry (Year 6 Pupil)


    What is it that you can do to show excellence?

    Who decides to be excellent?

    How can we be excellent?


    We watched this motivational video to really show what it means to be excellent and ways in which we can strive for excellence. Mr Curl asked us what we thought about the video and what was the message we got from it?

    • “Sometimes you make mistakes but they will help you  get better at something – it helps you understand and progress!”
    • “Every second is a gift”
    • “Leave no stone unturned”
    • Mrs Alderson explained that she is competing in the British championships and that she could relate to the feeling in the video
    • “Better today than I was yesterday”
    • “That excellence is not always about winning, but about bettering yourself and always doing the best you can each day”
    • “Trying your best rather than being the best”

    To finish our assembly Mr Curl said a prayer:

    “Dear Lord we thank you for examples of ways we can be excellent and we ask that you can help to put the feeling into our hearts. Going forward we will do better and be better than we did the day before. Not necessarily winning, but always striving for excellence in all that we do. Amen”

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    Monday Assembly on ‘Excellence’

    Monday’s Assembly was lots of fun, Katie from Woodford Baptist Church came to visit us. She told us the story of how Jesus was excellent in all that he did… Watch more to hear all about it!



    Katie finished her assembly by saying there are 3 points to ‘excellence’:

    1. Being excellent takes hard work
    2. Being excellent is important no matter what you’re going through
    3. Being excellent is you

    You are able to be the best and give it your all even when you’re going through something hard. Being excellent at something doesn’t happen overnight and it’s a choice. But God will always support us if we choose to do our best!

    Affirmation: “Today I am going to be excellent”

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    Assembly on ‘Love’

    Neil Spencer, of Woodford Baptist Church, visited us this week to tell the story of Sidney and Norman from the Gospel of Luke. The story tells us of friendship, pride and God’s love.

    Neil explained that when we listen to God he says “I love you”. Just because you’re you. Even when you make mistakes. Or get full of pride He is still there to love us. Neil asked if we can spread the love of God, simply by loving each other exactly as we are. Although, we must first love ourselves exactly as we are, so that we may love one another exactly as they are and without judgement. 

    We finished with a Prayer. “We come today to say thank you God, for loving us exactly as we are. With all the mess, mistakes, pride and selfishness you still love us and always will. We pray that we may look on each other how you look on us. And love each other how you love us, so that we may live together as one”.

    Mrs Mathison thanked Neil for his thought provoking assembly and went on to say “that to love ourselves and others is such an important lesson that children need to understand and grown ups must remember. We must try to think about what’s happening on the inside – what’s that person really like and how can I be a good friend?”

    You can listen to the full story here:

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    Monday Assembly with Mr Savage

    Mr Savage visited us last week to talk about the 66 books he had brought in to school with him. How many did the children think there were? How many could we hold?
    He then moved onto showing the children that he had 66 books on his iPhone that he carries around with him every day. They are ‘The Bible’. He showed the children some of the stories and read a few short stories out to them.
    Mr Savage concluded our assembly by explaining that he “had a lot of respect for the bible and the 66 stories it holds, as they teach us much about the world we live in today. Most importantly, the stories teach us how an attitude of respect and love for one another”.

    Watch more, over on YouTube:

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    Visit From Neil Spencer

    Neil Spencer, Pastor at Woodford Baptist Church, visited us this morning to speak about Simon from the Gospel. The story tells us of a man named Simon, who when Jesus meets, is renamed Peter. Peter means ‘rock’, ‘strong’, ‘stable’ and Jesus could see the good in Simon that he could not see himself.

    Watch more from our Assembly to find out what else we learn.

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