Destination School Offers  –  Academic Year 2022/23

Onward Destinations

Here at SPS it is of great importance to us that pupils go on to seek and seize all the future possibilities that secondary education has to offer. For the last academic year 2022/23 our leavers went to Bancroft’s, Brentwood, Chigwell, Coopers Company Coborn, Forest, Lord Wandsworth, & Roding Valley and in terms of offers,  last year’s leavers amassed 37 offers at selective secondary schools, of which 5 were waiting list places and 4 were scholarships.

These break down as follows:

Bancroft’s – 9

Brentwood – 6

Chigwell – 7

Coopers Company Coburn – 1

Felsted – 1

Forest – 9

Lord Wandsworth – 1

St Edmund’s College – 3

As a result of our intimate class sizes, for example last year’s Year 6 cohort numbered 13, and, that we have mixed ability classes, our results are very specific to each cohort. 

Historically, including last year’s results, the ratio of ‘pupils sitting’ to ‘offers received’,  at Bancrofts, Chigwell and Forest are 75%, 77% and 83% respectively and on average each pupil will receive two offers from an independent school.  

What is of particular importance is that each child is the best version of themselves and the ‘results’  are a by-product of an excellent broad and balanced curriculum.  Whilst we put a huge amount of work into ensuring our entire curriculum and teaching from EYFS to Year 6 is geared to enabling pupils to be successful in Year 7 we believe that  results are credit to the pupils’ and their families.

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