Current School Fees – Spring Term 2024

The current term’s school fee information is sent to prospective parents with the prospectus and are fully inclusive of lunches and games throughout the term.

Lower Foundation Stage £4,606
Upper Foundation Stage & Year 1 £4,956
Years 2, 3 & 4 £5,163
Years 5 & 6 £5,416
Additional Charges
Before and After School Care are charged in addition. Extra Curricular Activities are available after school. Some of these are supplied by external providers and where this is the case there is an additional charge involved. Parents are informed of these details prior to making any bookings. All trips are priced and charged for individually.
Discounts and Grants
There is a 10% discount for a third child while all three are at Snaresbrook Prep School. The Early Years grant from the government is currently available for children in the Lower Foundation Stage only.


Once again this year the directors have decided to spread the fee increase across the three terms, to lessen the impact on parental cash flow. These increases are necessary to off-set our rising costs. Fees are reviewed annually by the Board.

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