Before School Care

Before School Care is available to all children and is open from 7.40 am until 8.30 am. Breakfast itself is optional and available to all children if they want it. It includes cereal, toast, juice and yogurts.

During the session, children will be able to join in playing games or taking part in craft activities. At 8.30am all children go their classrooms to start their school day.

Daily Payment Charge is £4.20  

Parents are asked to register on our on-line booking system, then, as needed, book their child into specific Before School Care sessions.  Emails will be received by parents to confirm that the booking has been registered and payments will then be required to made to this online account.  

Further details of the online payment system are available to parents from the school office.  Please email

Please click on the button to access our Before School Care registration platform.

After School Care

After School Care operates from the end of the school day and is available to all children.

Our After School Care operates until 6.15 pm and parents may pick up children at any time. Children can engage in group play sessions and generally wind-down after the school day and are served a light tea consisting of a sandwich and a drink at approx 4-30pm. After this the children are encouraged to do their homework and to read. Once this is completed children are then given playground time (weather permitting) and further group play sessions.

Homework time will be supervised but we are unable to provide 1-2-1 sessions. Children will need to bring with them all the books they need.


Collect up to 4:15 pm£5.50
4:15 pm-5:00 pm£5.50
5:00 pm-6:15 pm£4.50

(Charges effective from September 2020)

With effect from 1st November 2021, we are moving over to a pay as you collect system.  Parents can book ASC via the child’s communication diary or email to the email address.  Payment for the sessions used will be then be charged at pick up time and payment may be made by card.