Welcome to the Snaresbrook Prep Parents’ Association (SPPA) page!

SPPA is the place to go if you feel like playing a more active part in the school and want to make life at school more fun for your child or children.

What does SPPA do?

Our constitution (which can be read at the bottom of this page) sets out our objectives which in summary are:

  • to foster extended relationships between parents and between parents and staff to enhance the overall atmosphere at school;
  • engaging in fun activities to enhance pupils’ enjoyment of school; and
  • funding initiatives, activities or equipment over and above what the school would be reasonably expected to provide.

How do we do this?

We have a calendar of events that we host in order to meet these objectives which includes:

  • funding and organising a free disco for all pupils at the end of the autumn term;
  • making sure the hall looks festive for the Christmas period;
  • providing pancakes for pupils at the school’s annual pancake race in the spring term;
  • organising a fete in the summer term, typically every other year; and
  • other fundraising events throughout the year including cake sales, book swaps and nearly new uniform sales.

Funds raised are used to cover costs of events, to contribute towards the cost of the popular whole school trip in the summer term and also to fund other expenditure proposals that help us to meet our objectives (which are considered on a case by case basis).

We also help with fundraising for the charity the school has chosen to support on an annual basis.

Please note, the current Covid-19 restrictions have impacted the ability of the SPPA to organise a number of events. This includes fundraising events such as the bake sale and uniform sales, and also the school disco. Whilst this has been an unfortunate setback, the SPPA are still operating and we are looking at alternative ways for pupils to have fun, and to meet our objectives within the guidelines provided by the school.


Who are the committee members?

The new committee was appointed in summer 2020, with elections held at the AGM in the summer term each year but we welcome members to join us throughout the year.

Chairs Nazia Rashid and Aisha Akhtar
Treasurer Bhumika Mistry
Secretaries Aiysha Saleh
Nearly New Uniform Jas Dhillon & Charlotte Pittal
Class Reps
Nursery Jas Dhillon
Reception Dan Baker & Tom Lee
Year 1 David Holland
Year 2 Charlotte Pittal
Year 3 Darshna Patel
Year 4 Reema Karia-Miah
Year 5 / Events Hallie-Ann Baker-Tofts
Year 6 Anna Rahman

How can you get involved? 

All parents, guardians and carers of pupils attending the school are automatically members of the SPPA and are invited to contribute ideas on how SPPA can help enhance school life.


We usually hold one official meeting per term with the participation of members of the Leadership Team. Dates are communicated in advance via class reps and by email from the school office.  The meeting is typically at 8pm and all members are invited to attend and contribute.

Meetings are currently being held via Zoom.


You can get more involved in any event at any time throughout the year, regardless of which class or classes your child or children are in.   We welcome volunteers to the committee including on an ad hoc basis for individual events.

We know that most parents have busy schedules so we believe a small contribution from lots of people is the easiest way to meet our objectives and enable us to run fun events for the children to take part in.  You are welcome to be involved in as many events as you are willing and able to!

Contact us

You can get in touch with us via your class rep, on the school forecourt or via email.  (please hyperlink to our email address: sppacommittee@outlook.com

Constitution – Click here to read the SPPA Constitution

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