Exploring Repeated Patterns


Lesson Overview:

  • Introductory Say hello song at start.
  • ‘Row , Row’ with vocal sounds accompaniment (sea sounds). Discuss, what happens to the sea sounds? (They repeat).
  • Introduce ‘A Sailor went to sea’ song with actions.
  • Add instruments (perform on the repeated pattern – sea sea sea). Add some dynamics.
  • What have we learnt today?
  • Sing goodbye song.

Lesson Objective: Exploring repeated patterns

  • Ongoing skills: Development of singing and performing on instruments.
  • Key Vocabulary: Rhythm, Steady beat, Percussion, Dynamics.
  • Assessment Outcome: Formatuve – an ongoing assessment of the classroom process.
  • Equipment used: Tuned and Un tuned percussion, Piano.


Subject Information
  • Subject:Music

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