Lesson Overview:

In Science, children in Year One have been learning about materials and their properties. The main learning objective for this lesson was to know that being ‘magnetic’ is a property of some materials. They first had a chance to try out magnets and see what they do.

We revised some of the vocabulary required for the lesson. We then discussed what magnets are, broadly how they work, and what they are made of. Based on their new understanding, children predicted which objects would be picked up by a magnet and tested it by playing a ‘fishing’ game. Following that, children learned about the idea of ‘permanent’, ‘temporary’ and ‘non-‘ magnets. They used magnets to pick up objects containing iron and created their own temporary magnets. Finally, children watched a demonstration of an electromagnet.

In a subsequent lesson, they used iPads to participate in an online quiz based on the lesson.



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