The Land of NeverBelieve


Lesson Overview:

In Year 4 we have been using a fantastic book called ‘The Land of NeverBelieve’ by Norman Messenger. In the book Norman goes to a magical land and documents all of the discoveries he makes along the way from spaghetti trees to dragonflies that actually look like dragons!


In class the children have really led the way. Firstly, each child had the task of creating a new animal with a focus on adaptation. We discussed effective vocabulary and how they could describe what their animal looks like. Once the children had finished their profile of their animal they wrote a letter to the Natural History Museum in London to explain their discovery.

After that, the children made a book mountain which whispers stories to the villagers in NeverBelieve to help them sleep. The class are in the process of finishing their mountain and creating mini bedtime stories to be put onto the mountain.

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