Canopic Jars


Lesson Overview

A cross-curricular approach to teaching is embedding knowledge, skills and understandings from various subject areas.Recently in Year 4, the children were learning about Ancient Egyptian canopic jars within History lessons. The children then sketched and designed their own jar. Using the design their jars were created in Design & Technology lessons. Mrs Alderson created a jar in front of the children and the children used the iPads to take pics and videos of the lesson. They then created user guides using ‘Book Creator’.

Within IT & Computing lessons the children were able to create a branching database identifying the four sons of Horus. Each child created a poster which advertised their findings and encouraged people to see them at ‘The British Museum!!’ Once the jars were created we then animated the jars and brought them to life! These innovative lessons provided pupils with a meaningful approach to their learning.

Children’s Feedback

“We get a lot more facts about canopic jars when we learn about them in other subjects”
“It felt good to have the same topic. I felt ready because I knew the subject”
“Rather than just learning about jars in History you get more experience in other subjects”


Making the Pots

Finished Pots

Branching Database Pics



Animated Canopic Jars

Video of the children feeding back

Subject Information
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