Victorian Seaside


Lesson Overview:

Year 2’s topic is the seaside which all the pupils thoroughly enjoy. Through cross curricular work in lessons the pupils have a variety of learning experiences and opportunities to discover all about the seaside. In this lesson, learning objectives from the History, English and ICT curriculums were taught and learnt.

First of all, pupils researched information about the Victorian seaside using the internet on Chromebooks. Then on a Google document they typed notes about the Victorian seaside using bullet points. After this the pupils shared what they had learnt from their research with their peers. The pupils have also looked at memorabilia from the past which has fascinated them. When we visited the London Aquarium the pupils had the chance to look inside a rockpool and saw and touched sea anemones and starfish. It was lovely to see their smiling faces.



Subject Information
  • Subject:Cross Curricular