Lesson Overview:

Year 6 have had many opportunities this year to continue their learning consistently using cross-curricular learning as a tool to connect their daily learning.

In this sequence of lessons, the children have had the opportunity to collaborate as a team, contribute to collaborative databases and include P.E., Maths, Literacy, Computing and their personal ICT skills to be able to constructively create and interrogate databases compiled by the children. Tasks were also set that meant children had to email questions and criteria to their peers in order to interrogate the databases further.

Here you can see a short video of the children collecting data accurately.

These sessions were led by both Mr Roberson (Y6 Teacher) and Mrs Alderson (Computing Teacher). The children were able to benefit from teachers ‘team-teaching’, where combined subject knowledge and number of adults in the ‘room’ were beneficial to the children’s’ learning and progress.


Subject Information
  • Subject:Cross Curricular