3D Shapes


Learning outcome


  • To be able to recognise, name and give properties of 3D shapes.
  • To be able to recognise and match the nets with various 3D shapes.

Physical Education:

  • To take part in challenges both individually and within a team.
  • To develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.

Lesson Overview

This is a set of team games and challenges for children to develop not only their physical skills and abilities to work as part of a team but also a FUN way to learn everything they need to know about 3D shapes. These games are easily made and can be adapted and played to learn a wide range of skills e.g. phonic sounds, spelling words, multiplication with related division facts and much more!

Here are the games we played during this lesson!

  • In their teams children will play various matching games with the shapes. They will collect points with each task and the team with the most points will win.
  • Hoop match – One member of the team holds up a 2D shape. The other members of the team to run around to all the hoops, one at a time, and find the matching shape. Teams to get points in order of how quickly they matched all the shapes. For additional points children could name the 2D shape or give the properties of these shapes.
  • Relay game – Children to match the card on the starting line with the corresponding card on the opposite side. Starting off with both sets turned face up and then move onto opposite set of cards face down (develops teamwork and communication). Teams to get points in order of finishing race and sitting down.
  • Teams to receive spaghetti and marshmallows – Work as a team to make as many 3D shapes as possible. For each shape made successfully they will receive a point. Set a 10 minute time limit.

Why not try some of these games at home when practising spelling words or clock times, phonic sounds or number bonds? For more ideas on cross-curricular P.E. lessons feel free to contact me.


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Subject Information
  • Subject:Mathematics