Year 5 Gymnastics Lesson

Year 5 practise their jumping, balancing, focusing and gymnastic skills today in the PE lesson with Ms Fourie.


Ms Fourie asked the children to pick some warm ups for themselves and instruct the rest of their class. This is a brilliant way for the children to improve public speaking, speaking with clarity and confidence and most importantly, really getting to grips with the lesson and what is required when exercising.


Gymnastics is a definite favourite lesson for the children and you can see their enthusiasm as soon as the mats are out. Today the children were practising jumping over blocks, with a tuck and a straddle jump. They also had to walk the bar, learn new static postures and were also working on improving their round offs, handstands and cartwheels.



Learning skills such as these, allow the children to develop their spatial awareness, fine tune their balance, toning and strengthening their developing muscles whilst maintaining flexibility. Click through the videos below to watch some cool slow motion action!

Ms Fourie commented that “the children are always developing their talents in gymnastics and it’s brilliant to see them really enjoying the lesson. They always try their hardest, even when the obstacle is quite a challenge, which is great for their self-confidence. I’ve also noticed how the children work really well together in this lesson, often helping each other giving tips on how to tackle the poses!”


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