Year 3 Assembly on Friendship

This morning, Year 3 welcomed everyone into assembly with a song ‘Count On Me’ by Bruno Mars.  To start their assembly, Year 3 said ‘friend’ in a few different languages and then asked us what the words meant. A few of us guessed it meant friend!


The children asked us to identify what things we need to have a successful friendship? To which, their audience replied respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, trust… Year 3 explained how different people with different backgrounds/interests might feel left out. What ways can we stop our peers from feeling left out?



A few pupils held up a beautiful display of all the ‘friends’ and then showed us a video of how we can be any colour, background or gender but can still all be friends and without each other, we wouldn’t be complete! Watch the video below:


We all finished with a prayer to remind us what it is to be a friend and how we can work together to become friends & finally, Year 3 sang ‘You Got A Friend’ to complete their assembly. You can listen to both below:

A beautiful, warm assembly to brighten up our cold Monday morning. A very big well done and thank you to Year 3 & Ms Fourie for a lovely assembly!



We then sang our hymn and moved onto Christmas songs – Mr Curl has official declared Christmas at Snaresbrook. Only 15 days left, let’s make every day productive and merry!




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