Year 2’s Trip to the Ecology Centre

Year 2 took a trip to Holland Park Ecology Centre Wednesday, where they learnt all about different creepy crawlies.

Miss Rimmer explains “Once we knew what we were looking for we walked to the discovery area. On our way we saw different plants that we learnt about such as nettles, brambles and holly we also spotted several squirrels. In the discovery area half the class went to the forest to find bugs and half went pond dipping then we switched. In the forest we found creatures such as woodlice, earthworms, spiders, springtails and beetles. During the pond dipping we were lucky enough to find newt nymphs, dragonfly larvae, water boatmen and leaches!”

After the pond dipping and forest searching they went to the peaceful Japanese Zen Garden where they saw peacocks, koi and some more very friendly squirrels.


“Overall we had a great day and loved getting our hands dirty!!” – Miss Rimmer

Sounds like a brilliant day – lots of hands on learning, brilliant to help children visualise what they learn during school.

Japanese Zen Garden Holland Park

Click if you’d like to see more photos from the trip; Facebook


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