Year 2’s History Assembly

Florence Nightingale


Year 2s Assembly

Florence Nightingale tells us who she is and what she did.

Year 2 are learning about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and healthcare during the Crimean War. We found out that Florence Nightingale was from a wealthy family and was the starting point that turned health care around, after caring for many soldiers. Nightingale made hospitals cleaner places. She showed that trained nurses and clean hospitals helped sick people get better. She was the founder of modern nursing.

The Year 2’s spoke loud and confidently throughout their presentation and all of the teachers were very proud that Year 2 had remembered all their lines! Miss Rimmer said it was very good practice for their upcoming play and was very proud to see how they spoke with big voices and remembered their lines very well. Mr Hawkins noted that they did well not to be prompted and was impressed!




Mary Seacole

Year 2 also introduced us to Mary Seacole, a Jamaican nurse who was born in the 1800s:

after_crimea_Mary Seacole


Nightingale’s EH Theory


Year 2 then finished with a lovely prayer:

To watch the clips from this morning’s assembly, please head over to our YouTube account!


Mr Curl noted that one of our children had received a medal for service to his church. This service has been for a whole year and Mr Curl was very proud to say “it is lovely to see children of such a young age showing dedication and faith in something they believe in!”



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