Year 2 Science

Growing Your Own Potatoes

Year 2 are on to the next step of their potato growing mission – on Tuesday 8th March, the children each filled a bin liner with some soil and then planted their potatoes.

digging mud
mud for potatoes

mud prep


planting potatoes prep

planting soil

preparing to plant potatoes

prepping soil

soil for potatoes

soil mud prep

soil mud

soil potato

soil prep


Time To Plant

Year 2 have been waiting patiently whilst their potatoes chitted (cause a potato to sprout by placing it in a cool light area), in order for them to plant the potatoes and eventually, grow their own. The spuds dry out and grow sprouts, the sprouts then turn black which means it is time for them to be planted!

Miss Rimmer explains that “the children are growing ‘rocket’ and ‘regional’ potatoes for their project. The regional potatoes are from Scotland and are also known as ‘Rudolph potatoes’, this is due to their redness in colour, the children found this hilarious! They have really enjoyed the whole process so far and knowing that they are growing their own food is a real highlight. They are very eager to see how plants grow and watch their very own plants flourishing”

planting potatoes

potting potatoes

The children will wait for their potatoes to grow throughout Easter and will come back to them once they’ve had a chance to flourish and develop.

Year 2 have been working on their potato planting in their Science lesson. Their current subject is ‘plants’, they will learn more about how plants grow and what it takes to grow your own food, in their lessons just after Easter.

In the meantime, the children have been learning about healthy eating, how your diet affects your body and what a stable, healthy diet looks like.

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