Year 2 Enjoy New Salads in DT

Taste Testing

Year 2 get the chance to taste some new foods in their DT lesson, to begin their topic of ‘Healthy Eating’. The children make notes on the flavour, the texture, the aroma and what they did and didn’t like about the new foods.


Introducing a range of foods to the children’s diet gives them the confidence to try new things and distinguish the types of foods they like that are beneficial to their health.


food tasting

Someone wasn’t so keen on the food!


food tasting

And that’s a definite “yes!”



Making A Salad

This week, the children had the chance to make their salad. Pomegranate, orange and lettuce was on the menu! Firstly, we washed our hands… The children (with the help of Miss Rimmer) then began to cut the pomegranates, chop the lettuce and peel the oranges – some pupils had never even tried to peel a fruit before, so a great learning experience for them!




After prepping and chopping the ingredients, we tossed the salad to cover the lettuce in orange and pomegranate juice, for a healthier salad dressing.

food prep


And finally… Here’s our finished product! Ready to take home and try out our creations. Making a salad can be easy (slightly messy) and fun. Trying out something new doesn’t have to be scary or boring. By understanding what we do and don’t like, we can make positive and informed choices to being more healthy!



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