Year 1 Assembly


Year 1 class photo

A gorgeous assembly from our Year 1 class on ‘Enjoyment’. The children drew us photos, sang us two brilliant songs they had learned in class and spoke to us about our School Value, Enjoyment! The children told us what they enjoy at school, what they have learned at school and what they can do because they have put effort and enjoyment into what they do at school!

Year 1 drew us some lovely pictures of activities they enjoy doing at school:



Year 1 then showed us their great dance moves, whilst singing us a song!

Year 1 prep school

Year 1 show us their air guitar

independent prep school

“We like to read, read, read, read, read, READ!”

You can watch the children’s performance over on YouTube:

The children finished with a lovely prayer to ask that we enjoy our days at school, try our best and keep our thinking caps on!

We hope you enjoyed our assembly!

Year 1 Assembly

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