World Book Day Assembly

This Thursday we will be taking part in World Book Day – which is it’s 20th year. Ms Kehoe spoke to us about how we can help others by taking part in World Book Day and what the charity does for others. Ms Kehoe asked us…

What does reading mean to you?

What do you like to read?

Where do you like to read?


Celebrating Books. How can we celebrate books?

  • We can share different ideas
  • Help others with their reading
  • Join up with a library
  • Explore local book shops
  • Generally talk about books


For WBD, we will dress up as our favourite character – raising money for book aid international. This charity sends books to countries that don’t have access to books, mainly sub Saharan Africa where libraries and books are scarce.


We then watched Rahmatu’s Story video. Ms Kehoe explained that where you’re born and the family/country you’re born into doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have opportunities to build a good life for ourselves. “Where you’re born should not determine what you become”


World Book Day!

Lots of fantastic outfits – here is the cast of Star Wars!



And our Year 5’s read with the Year 1’s this afternoon…


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