Wildlife Club – Bird Watching

Year 2 and 3 took a trip around to a local park to see what birds they could spot. Wildlife Club are taking part in the RSPB Wildlife Action Awards and must complete either 6, 8 or 10 hours worth of activities in order to receive a bronze, silver or gold action award.

prep school children bird watching

“I can see a nest!”

The children took an almost silent walk around the local neighbourhood to see what birds they could spot. Mrs Mathison asked them to be as silent as possible and explained that “birds are fearful creatures who are expecting peace and quiet, so we must be just as quiet if we hope to spot any birds!”

prep school private education

“Where can you see a pigeon? Can you point to it?”

Along the way, we spotted many wood pigeons, a few crows and rooks, a handful of seagulls and one HAWK… Although we’re not sure about that one. We’re well on our way to achieving a Bronze award, keep up with our journey here or on Facebook!

Snaresbrook Prep School wildlife Extra curricular activity

“We must be silent, so that we don’t scare the birds!”

If you want to take part at home, follow the link to the RSPB website for more info.


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