Wildlife Club

What is Wildlife Club?

Last week marked the start of Wildlife Club! Run by Mrs Mathison, Mrs Altman and Ms Allan on a Monday at 3:30 – 4:15pm for Years 3 & 5. The club is geared to teach our pupils about the wildlife that surrounds them and also enables the children to complete tasks to work towards achieving a Bronze in the RSPB Wildlife Action Awards!


What’s Involved in Wildlife Club?

Finding Out What’s Out There

Throughout the Summer Term, we hope to teach our Year 3 and 5s what insects, birds, plants and all other creatures roam and grow locally. The children started last week by using pooters to collects insects from the green across the road. We are planning to take short walks around our neighbourhood to see what plants grow naturally and what’s been planted, birdwatch, find mini beasts and hopefully learn new ways in which we can help the environment.




Helping Wildlife

Helping our wildlife is crucial to keep our flora and fauna in balance. The children will be making leaf piles, log piles, bird boxes, twig bundles, bumblebee pots, bird feeders, learn how to plant some flowers and trees and hopefully we might even get the chance to create a small wildlife garden in our playground!


Being Environmentally Friendly

What does it mean to be environmentally friendly? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be learning throughout our Wildlife Action Awards. We already have certain days that we bike, bus or walk to school, but we want to try get everyone involved! Reducing, reusing and recycling are also key points we will be looking at around school – how can we increase our recycling and reuse of materials at Snaresbrook Prep? We will also be clearing up litter – litter around school, litter in our local areas and rubbish we find in areas meant to be for wildlife. All kinds of injuries are caused to wildlife by rubbish that people carelessly leave around, we hope to reduce the problems wildlife experiences doing something as simple as litter collecting.



Spread The Word

Then comes the creative part – spreading the word and putting our thoughts, passions and reasons out as to why we need to focus on ways to help our wildlife and environments to thrive. We’ll be trying out poetry, maybe putting on a show or assembly, making displays, hopefully getting in the news or local press and there are even plans to write to our MP! Charity work and involving our friends and family is also on the cards, we hope to create a vibrant community in which we can all work as a team to support our local surroundings, starting with Snaresbrook Prep!

More updates from our club next week!

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