What It Means To Be Respectful

Monday started with our weekly assembly. The Value has now moved from ‘Thoughtfulness’ in September, to ‘Respectful’ for October. Mr Curl started by asking us “what it means to be respectful?”.

Ms Fourie had found a cute video to show us what respect and politeness means…


We made a start on our Harvest Collection this week, Ms Burgess explained to us that the gifts of food and toiletries that we collected was to be delivered to Redbridge Assessment Centre, a place for the homeless. To really demonstrate to our children the impact centres like this have for people who are in need, we watched a video from Hackney Night shelter.


Bringing it back to our Value, we watched a video from a school that made a rap song about respect. Something fun to end our assembly with and maybe inspire our children to think about what respect can really mean.


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