Wednesday Singing Practice

Shropshire Trip Update

An extra special Assembly this morning, we had a LIVE call to our friends in Shropshire this morning!! They told us all about their trip so far, what they’ve enjoyed and what Shropshire is like.

Watch some clips from this morning’s FaceTime call:

Ms Burgess asked the children what they thought of the call and the Shropshire Trip –  one of our Year 5’s said how he was “jealous but excited because everyone looks like they’re having a great time! I can’t wait to go!”. Another child said how “it was good to see them”. Ms Burgess added that it was lovely to see everyone having such a fun time and so many smiling faces!

It was really proud moment to hear that our Year 6’s “feel very independent being in the cabins”. Our trips aim to give our children confidence, new experiences, happy memories and hopefully, some new skills or even hobbies they can bring back home! So it was brilliant to hear that they are making the most of their trip and feeling confident about themselves.

Today they children will be testing out their climbing and balancing skills on the high ropes! Everyone back at school was really excited to see their high rope skills and wished they could have a try… They looked something like this;

Happiness Minions


Singing Practise

In today’s singing practice, we learned a new song which has 4 parts to the song and we started on the first 2 today. Sounding lovely so far… looking forward to hearing the full song!


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