Wednesday Morning Singing Practice 09.03.16

Solo Piano Performance

Independent School Piano Performance

Another beautiful singing practice with Mrs Phillips yesterday, but to start, we had a very special performance from our Year 2 Piano Soloist! Mrs Phillips was extremely proud as we had a bit of nerves to start but ended in a fantastic performance! Watch more here;


Singing Practice

We started by warming up our voices with our normal warm up song.

After we were feeling ready to project our voices and had warmed up, we moved on to our Hymn ‘Down By The Riverside’. A great hymn which is a spiritual song, dating back to before the American Civil War.

Positive and peaceful lyrics, with an upbeat tune to match.

Singing Practice Hymn

The song’s central image is of casting off negativity and aggression, and putting on spiritual garb, at the side of a river before crossing it. The image has several meanings: it refers to baptism, which in the Southern Baptist tradition usually involves wearing a white robe and being submerged in a body of water. Not partaking in war and bringing peace to one’s life and pushing against negativity and war between men. It also refers to ascending to heaven after death, using the metaphor of the River Jordan, which in the Old Testament was the final passage before the Hebrews entered the Promised Land after their years in the desert.


Learning New Songs For Easter

We’ve recently been learning two new songs during our Singing Practice; ‘Plant A Little Seed’ and ‘Get On Together’.

Both include meaningful lyrics – ‘Plant A Little Seed’ helps us to see that things don’t happen overnight, we must put effort and care into all that we do for things to progress and bloom! ‘Get On Together’ pretty much says all in the title, the lyrics speak to us of standing with each other, fixing our eyes on what is right not wrong and that if we can learn to be sorry, we can love everybody – we can live as one! Beautiful, positive message to start our day.

Watch how much of the song we’ve learned now:

‘Plant A Little Seed’ is a song we’ve been working on for a few weeks now, watch our progress here:


You can watch the full Singing Practice playlist, over on YouTube:


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