Walk To School Week

It’s Walk to School Week from 16th – 20th May.

Our Challenge: everyone in our school to walk every day during Walk to School Week. Did you know it can make a real difference to your children’s happiness and wellbeing?


5. Hal W14


2. Louis Isaac cycle to school 12.05.16
1. Isabella Godwin

4. Kyan

So… Who’s walking to school this week or next?

Send us your photos and a quote from your walk! Show us your pedometer count, take some photos of the flowers in the park or time your walk! Can you improve your time each day? Did you meet anyone along the way?


3. Ishaan's Walk To School

3. Ishaan

6. Sahvan & Vahin

Starting your day with a brisk walk is proven to maintain a healthy weight, improve brain function and is also meant to increase happiness! What’s not to like?

Let’s get walking and maybe the sun will come out and say hello!


Woodford & Wanstead Guardian May 2016

‘Walk To School Week’

Walk To School Week - WW Guardian - May 2016


walk to school week

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