Tuesday’s Assembly – ‘Confidence’

Last week marked the start of our new theme for this half term, which is ‘Confidence’. Confidence, at the right level, is a necessary characteristic to help us achieve and succeed throughout our lives. However, too much confidence can be annoying or unnecessary.

On Tuesday, Mr Curl asked four Year 6 pupils to give us an assembly on how to pitch confidence correctly. Mr Curl primed one of our pupil’s for an over the top speech.

The rest of the children in assembly measured each speaker’s presentation on the confidence-o-meter (meter stick) and rated their speeches low, medium or high. The children identified what over the top was and all agreed they wouldn’t want to be like this as it could come across as negative.

To finish, Mr Curl demonstrated what an assembly lacking in confidence would look like by forgetting what the assembly was on, losing his hymn book, feeling highly embarrassed and asking the children to “just sit down”, whilst hiding his face in horror!

Watch some clips below:


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