Tuesday Morning Assembly – Mini Music Concert

In today’s assembly, we had a mini music concert practise! The children sang their hearts out to ‘Shalom, Shalom’ to start their morning hymn. A peaceful hymn that we sing in chorus – girls began today and boys followed. Mrs Phillips told us how beautiful we sounded!


We then practised a song we’ve been working on for a while, one that might come up in an event we have soon… ‘As One’ is a gorgeous song from the Songs for EVERY Body CD, it has a great tune and very meaningful lyrics. The children really get into the song, we see lots of head bopping and passionate singing faces when this one’s on!


Mrs Phillips then invited some of our pianists up to play us a piece they have been learning. Mrs Phillips encouraged the girls to try a tune they have recently been practising and highlighted that it is okay to make mistakes and as we are still learning and practising, it is very normal to make mistakes! “The rest of us will still be very impressed!”.








Take a listen to our harmonious musicians, we were very proud of how beautifully they performed in this morning’s practise!


Snaresbrook Prep School musicians

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