Tate Modern and The Globe – Year 5 & 6

Thursday was a great day for our outing! How lucky we were with the weather!


Walking from London Bridge, we passed Borough Market – ooh, the smells! Southwark Cathedral – what a majestic place of worship. And finally, we made our way to the Tate Modern Gallery. Each class chose different points of interest to look at: Mondrian amongst others, was very popular. Year 5 enjoyed the Surrealists room. Some children want to come back again to look at the famous ‘Pop Art’ collection. 

news_tate_and_globe_3 news_tate_and_globe_4

After a quick lunch in the Turbine room, we made our way in the glorious sunshine to the New Globe Theatre. Our acting instructor, Tom, played some warm-up games and we discussed the history and features of the surrounding Globe. We then focused on the status of characters and who they were in ‘The Tempest’. Discussing the feelings of the characters and discussing our reactions to a character’s status really brought the characters to life.

news_tate_and_globe_5 news_tate_and_globe_6 news_tate_and_globe_7

This was definitely a trip we would recommend to other children and teachers.

– Mr Roberson & Mrs Williams


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