Tanni Grey-Thompson

An inspiring assembly from Mrs Higgins this morning – linking in with our theme of Determination, Mrs Higgins asked us to think of who our favourite sports person was. Pupils said Usain Bolt, Andy Murray and some of their favourite footballers, all because of how good they are at what they do.

Mrs Higgins then went on to tell us about the person she was thinking of. “She has broken more than 30 World Records. She’s won sixteen medals in the Paralympics… she has a university degree, and is a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire – an honour awarded to her by the Queen. So she must also be very active to have done all that.

But… she’s in a wheelchair.

Her name is Tanni Grey-Thompson and she is a wheelchair athlete.”

Mrs Higgins told us how determination enables us to triumph at whatever we are willing to put our efforts into. The moral of today’s assembly is that we can do well in our aims and ambitions if we try to be dedicated, motivated and hard-working. We can do well if we are determined to do well!


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