Summer Music Concert Rehearsals

In Today’s assembly, Mrs Phillips exclaimed excitedly, that “we are going to have a really good concert!” She was very proud of how well we had done in our practise yesterday and said that “it will be a fantastic event, there are lots of brilliant acts. It is a celebration of your music making and the last music concert for our Year 6’s, so let’s make it a good one!”


Today, we had a few unaccompanied acts and this is something even adults wouldn’t want to do! So our children are very brave… take a listen to some sneak previews here:


  • Please make sure you are all wearing smart summer uniform and no jumpers, as the church is very warm!
  • Instrumentalists come with your instruments at 6.30pm this evening. The rest, please come at 6.40pm (earliest)/6.45pm so teachers have time to set up and tune the instruments
  • Year 1 & 2 can go home in the interval if you want, you are more than welcome to stay till the end if you would like to see the other performances
  • Please ensure you have you names on your music stand if you’re bringing them


Year 1 & 3 performance

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