Spreading the Thoughtfulness Virus

We started our Monday morning off with our usual assembly, Mr Curl began by asking us to watch a short video about the ‘Selfish Hippo’. The video lead us nicely on to our Value of the month, ‘Thoughtfulness’. “Let’s take a moment to think of the ways in which the Hippo was selfish in this video… How can we sometimes be selfish or unthoughtful?” asked Mr Curl. To think of the ways in which we are unthoughtful, we can become more aware and in turn, we begin to take notice and this is how we can begin to change our behaviours from something negative, to something positive.Image result for awareness


Mr Curl then asked us to have a think about the ways in which we can become more thoughtful. “I want you to spread a thoughtfulness virus – to become so thoughtful that it spreads around the school like a virus of positivity. Let’s think about negative things we do. Now we think of the positive things we can do for others. What can we do in class or at school?”



How can we be more thoughtful at school, towards our peers? Some answers the children came up with…

  • If someone is sitting on a bench alone, ask if they want to play
  • Helping someone who’s fallen over
  • Do a funny dance when someone’s sad
  • Be thoughtful of those we play with and avoid arguments
  • Share your things with friends



How can we be more thoughtful towards our teachers? The children replied;

  • Listen to teachers
  • Don’t call out, put your hand up
  • Don’t talk when teachers are speaking
  • Try not to make the teachers annoyed
  • Politeness – say hello, good morning, thank you, hold the door


At Home

Mr Curl then asked how we can be more thoughtful at home…

  • Set the dinner table
  • Try not to annoy my brothers and sisters
  • Do the jobs you’re told to
  • Do the jobs you aren’t told to do
  • Help out
  • Make your bed in the morning


We then watched our school ‘thoughtfulness’ video and had a think about the ways in which we can be thoughtful this week, for our friends, for our teachers and for our families at home.


Mr Curl finished with a prayer.

“Dear Lord we think about all the times we will be thoughtful at school. We will think about what we intend to do this week and the ways in which it will help others. We ask you to help us think about how we can be more kind, helpful, thoughtful at home.. We will be so thoughtful that our parents will ask us why it is were behaving in this way! We pray that we will keep up being thoughtful throughout the week and hopefully, throughout our lives!”


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