Singing Practise

Morning Stretch

Mrs Phillips started our singing practice with a lovely stretch to; wake us up, get us to sit up straight and take the time to get focused. We then did a few breathing exercises that help us to use our full lung capacity when we sing. Being aware of our breath helps us to stay focused, sing to our best ability and refreshes our brains with fresh, clean oxygen!

cat stretching


The first song of the day, is as always, our warm up song ‘Tumba’. An easy song to remember and a tune we all love to hum or sing along to, we started quietly and then progressively got louder!

We then moved on to our hymn of the day ‘Colours of Day’. A beautiful song, with a soft tune and a lovely message that Jesus will bring light to our lives.

Colours of Day hymn

Easter Songs

After we had practised our hymn, we moved on to our Easter songs – we practise these songs each week and we’re getting better every time! Mrs Phillips was very impressed with how well we remembered the lyrics, tune and said that we “sounded very musical today!”.

What do you think? Pretty good huh!


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