Roman Mosaics

Year 3 have been learning of Romans in their History lessons and in DT lessons have made Roman Mosaic photo frames.  Mrs Alderson thought it would be a fantastic idea to create a photo to go into this frame…

During one ICT lesson, Year 3 created a photo of themselves in Roman times, as soldiers. Here’s how they did it:-


Firstly, with the help of Mrs Alderson & Ms Fourie, Year 3 got into costume. Donning a real life, metal Roman helmet, Year 3 set up their green screens and got into place. Below, Ms Fourie demonstrates how it’s done.



After they had got their shots, each pupil using their iPad, Air Dropped their photos to Mrs Alderson’s iPad and then placed their green screen photo over an image they had chosen.



And here are the end results. Incredible work from our Year 3’s who completed their photos in just one ICT lesson!



Ms Fourie's finished photo!



To see more photos from Year 3’s ICT lesson, head over to our Facebook page.


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