Remembrance Day



November 11th 2015

Today, we gathered today in assembly to show and pay respects to those who sacrificed their lives in World War I. Mr Curl asked the children what Remembrance Day signified and if they knew much about what happened during this time.

During the assembly, Mr Curl asked each year group to present their poppies they had made for November 11th, in the pictures you can see below.



Mrs Mathison asked the children to arrange their poppies to fill the display boards, each year group made something unique with Mrs Mathison during their art lessons this week.






Whilst the children placed their reefs and poppies onto the boards, we listened to Edward Elgar and thought of all of those who had been lost in wars. Mr Curl then finished the commemoration with a prayer. He asked us to ‘pray for those who had lost their lives during wars and pray for the families and generations who have lost someone to war”.


The finished display board looked a beautiful, bold red. Full of love, creation and warm hearted messages.



At 11.00am the whole school stood in the playground to take 2 minutes silence and to think of those who have been lost in the war, the families and send our love and thoughts to all of those who have been affected by wars. The children stood respectfully and silently for the full 2 minutes, Mr Curl was very proud of the children for standing ceremoniously.

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