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Relaxation Club

Which ways do you relax?

Ms Burgess started last week’s relaxation club by seeing the ways in which our children choose to relax. Some children answered that they like to “read”, “ride my bike or scooter”, “I like to watch tele”, “I go home and have a sleep”, “I like to think about the good things that have happened in my day”. Others said that they relax “by playing football”, “I put on pjs and sit down when I get in” and some children said that they like to play with their siblings.


Why is it important to relax?

Ms Burgess then spoke to us about why it is important to relax and what we can gain from having a calm mind, a relaxed body and a better sense of wellbeing. We spoke about the ways in which we feel relaxed and began the introduction of ways and techniques to help us relax and take care of ourselves.

In this week’s Wellbeing Assembly, we looked at a beach scene whilst listening to some calming, soothing music. Ms Burgess asked us to watch the scenery, or close our eyes and listen to the calming sounds. We sat for a few minutes in silence, taking in the peacefulness. Afterwards, we discussed what it made us feel and how we can keep those feelings with us when we aren’t feeling our best. Ms Burgess spoke to us about how living in the now helps us to deal with stress, as we’re not thinking about what could happen, what we need to do, what we should have done… But accepting where we are right now.


Ms Burgess finished with a prayer, “Thank you Lord, that we can be together and learn, that we are able to think about being grateful for what we have. Help us to take time to think about what is happening in that moment. Allow us to make time to rest and relax, spend and enjoy time with our families. Help us to learn and do the best we can do today! Amen”.

We finished the assembly with Eva Cassidy’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ and lastly, Happy Birthday.

We’ve had lots of birthday’s this week – a very “Happy Birthday!” to Mrs Milton, Mrs Foster, Mrs Colburn & Mr Curl, we hope you all have a lovely day.


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