READATHON?! To coincide with World Book Day, our Book Store and charity, we’re doing Readathon! Are you?

Readathon is a sponsored reading which will take place over half term, the children will receive sponsor cards this week where they can fill in the books they plan to read, who is sponsoring them and for how much.

The money will be collected 22nd April (so children have four weeks to start reading!). We’re hoping to collect as much as we can BECAUSE the money will go towards children in hospitals for new books AND 20% of whatever we make, comes back to us for some brand new books!

We took part in Readathon in 2014 and managed to raise £2,014 – let’s see if we can get to at least £2,016 for 2016!

If you want some more information on this event, please watch this short video:

Or head over to the Readathon website to see how we can help

Readathon - warning



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