Potato Harvesting with Year 2


Miss Rimmer and our Year 2’s learn how to grow their own potatoes!

The children learn about ‘chitting’, which is a process whereby the potatoes are left in the sun to sprout and the sprouts harden off.




The potatoes will sprout in the sun and eventually be planted




Miss Rimmer planned their Science lesson ahead to coincide with upcoming lessons about plants. The children will wait for the potatoes to grow and can harvest them in June, where they will learn lots more about how they grow and what the process is!




A great idea is for children to learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home! Help your children to grow tasty foods and provide for themselves. Some brilliant websites you can purchase seeds and kits and get some tips, below. Alternatively, a relatively cheap source if the £ or less stores, which have a good range of seeds and bulbs!


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