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Perseverance – Good Marks Assembly

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Merits this week, were awarded for perseverance. Year 1 pupils showed perseverance with work at home and at school and also in sport – falling off his scooter in a PE lesson and getting himself back together, being determined and finishing the scooter course. Ms Fourie was very proud! Awards were also given for persistence to learn and try hard at sports after a bad injury, Ms Rimmer mentioned how much progression her pupil had already made in her recovery!


Ms Fourie gave merits to her Year 3 today, explaining “that although he’s not too keen on choir, he makes a very big effort to persevere and do his best”. Similarly, Mr Hawkins explained that “maths might not be the most favourite lesson, but she’s been making strong progress and I think that deserves a merit!”. Mr Manning, in Year 6, gave a merit for perseverance in checking their work, something that we all forget at times.



Commendations this week were given from our Year 2 class. Miss Rimmer was really impressed with some work from her pupils who have been creating an imaginative Katie morag story.



We also had two certificates to hand out for ‘Student of the week in Karate’ and a ‘Level 8 in Gymnastics’. Brilliant!



Notes from Ms Burgess:

  • Please do wear hats to school if it’s sunny.
  • New bags are now available for Years 1 – 6 in the School Office for £8.


Snaresbrook Prep School new school bag

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