National Vegetarian Week

It’s ‪#‎NationalVegetarianWeek‬! Who here is taking on the challenge of trying more vegetarian dishes this week? Who is already vegetarian and can share some noteworthy tips?

Becoming vegetarian isn’t a mistake, it’s just a missed steak. Although not eating meat is often perceived to be some sort of grand suffering, the vegetarian lifestyle should really be something of envy. – The Huffington Post

We’ve found a delicious vegetarian burger recipe that not only looks mouth watering, but is super easy to make! Find out how from the Minimalist Baker: Grillable Veggie Burgers 




Here are some other great recipes from BBC Good Food to help you liven up your fridge, plate and bellies!

But I Can’t Go Without Meat?!

You may be thinking a dinner without meat, isn’t a dinner. And if those delicious recipes haven’t changed your mind, here are some reasons why eating a vegetarian meal is great for you and the planet!

1. Cleaner Nutrition

Going vegetarian is an education. So many of us get into a rut with our food choices and we may not be getting enough variety to help us feel (and fuel) our very best. By choosing to separate yourself from the Industrial food chain, you are reducing the amount of chemicals, drugs and foreign hormones, and overall toxins in your body that currently circulate heavily in our food supply.

2. Feeling Lighter

Physically and Mentally. While, in truth, everyone can benefit from more plant foods, rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, consider this a great invitation to explore the incredible abundance of nutritious and nourishing foods that are available to us.

3. Money savings

If you have a family to feed, the skyrocketing food costs over the past five years are admittedly hard to swallow, and lead so many to the price-tag on convenience foods.

4. Compassionate Empowerment

Every time you choose to eat your fruits and veggies, you’re choosing not to participate in directly taking a life.

5. Living a Long Life

What happens when you combine a diet rich in whole foods with ethics, satisfaction, fulfillment and a steady dose of purpose driven meals? Pleasure and harmony! These are two key ingredients when seeking Longevity.

(Taken from Psychology of Eating)

Lisa Simpson Vegetarian Awareness

Even eating vegetarian for one day a week will make a huge difference on your own body and the world around us. Want any further reading? Click here.

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