Ms Fourie’s Assembly

Something a little different in our morning assembly today. Ms Fourie took our assembly and had left the place in quite a mess… She asked the children some questions. What is different in the hall today? How does it make you feel? What should have been done? Who should have done it? When should it have been done?


Many children said Ms Fourie should have cleaned it up because it was sports equipment. To their surprise, Ms Fourie asked the children, ‘Could you have done it?!’


Ms Fourie then acted out a scene and pretended the children had left her class in a mess and that she had to spend lots of time tidying up, going home very tired! She then explained that “the small acts of thoughtfulness can make the biggest differences!”. The children realised that by helping others in every way we can, these amount to big differences in all our lives. Working together and being thoughtful doesn’t take much, but can really affect other people’s lives!


Ms Fourie then played a song and asked the children to listen to the words. The picture below links to the song of filling your bucket with all things positive!


Go to our YouTube page here, to watch Ms Fourie’s brilliant assembly!

Thanks to those of you who have brought in lots of donations for our Harvest Collection… Day Two and the table is already looking full!


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