Ms Burgess’ Assembly – ‘Learning’ & Exam Preparation

Ms Burgess started today’s assembly by asking what sort of things we learn at school and also who learns? The children gave some brilliant answers and explained that we don’t just come to school to learn about Maths and English but to also learn about manners, making friends and how to treat others.


Ms Burgess then explained that we have been doing lots of work during test week, which was last week. However, we made sure not to make it a negative thing, but that test week is just the same as any other day that we learn. Ms Burgess went on to ask the children in Year 6 how they prepared themselves for tests and things to remember during test weeks. The children answered and explained that it is good to ‘keep calm’; ‘don’t over revise’; ‘make sure you rest well the night before’; ‘keep calm and do the best you can’ and also ‘don’t worry!’. Ms Burgess thanked Year 6 for their fantastic advice and then continued to show us a clip from Mr Bean, saying this how not to act…


We finished today’s assembly with a prayer for positivity, great work, trying our best and continuing to learn!


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