Mr Savage’s Assembly

Throughout September we think of others, our theme for this month is ‘Thoughtfulness’. This links in with Harvest time and how we can help and thank others who help us, but also how we can offer aid to those who need our help.

During Harvest, we hope to collect a selection of foods that we can give to Redbridge Night Shelter. RNS helps those who don’t have a set place to live by putting a roof over their heads and supplying them with food. Donating to RNS is a brilliant way to help our community and give back to those who are underprivileged.



Mr Savage brought in with him a bag of vegetables and asked pupils to line up behind which was their favourite. After, they ranked the foods in order of popularity and Mr Savage then went on to explain what Harvest is but also why we should give thanks and appreciate what we have each year. This helps the children to become more thoughtful and understand how much goes into our foods we buy from supermarkets and how fortunate we are to have access to fresh foods.


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