Mr Savage Assembly on Enjoyment


Mr Savage joined us today to speak to us about ‘enjoyment’. He showed us a photo of a funfair, a beach and a water park – then asked us where would we most enjoy going?

He explained that life is not always about hard work. It is about enjoying what we do, explaining that we can always have fun at home, at school or at work if we enjoy what we are doing and make it fun. That enjoyment is a state of mind. 


Mr Savage asked us “How do you enjoy your time at school and at home?” The children replied “I enjoy art”, “I enjoy PE”, “I play football at home with my younger brother and my dad, we really enjoy football!”


Mr Savage then went on to explain that The Bible speaks to us about enjoying our lives and taking time to rest, have fun and bring joy to our lives. For example, the great feast – where Jesus celebrated with friends, the scripture that tells us “A joyful heart is good medicine” and on the 7th day of creation, Jesus rested. Rest and relaxation is necessary for us to fully enjoy what we do, allowing ourselves to enjoy time to rest is key to our progression.


To be happy, is to be your true self – the self God planned for you to be.

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