Monday Morning Assembly with Mr Savage


Mr Savage spoke to us in Monday’s assembly about perseverance and how we can surpass our own expectations with willing and persistence.



Shanaze Reade

We entered assembly with a cropped version of the photo above, Mr Savage introduced us to Shanaze but asked us to guess what sport she enjoyed. We had many answers and eventually, we guessed that she might have been a cyclist. However, Shanaze is actually an Olympic BMX rider who started her career at just 11 years old!

We found out among many things, that Shanaze has become a three-time individual world champion! Mr Savage went on to explain to us how during one of her races, she was sure of a silver medal, but that wasn’t enough. She made a hasty overtake and although she put in the extra effort and persevered, she crashed and lost everything, including being able to ride for a year due to injury. Shanaze had said in an interview that ‘anything other than Gold’ in her mind, ‘isn’t an option’.

Mr Savage asked us to think about what it is we can do throughout our day to ‘go for gold’. Putting that little extra effort in can make a drastic difference to an outcome. We then watched an interview with Shanaze, which you can watch below:


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