Monday Assembly with Ms Katie Lynch

Today’s Music: Beethoven pathetique piano sonata (movement 1)

Ms Burgess started the assembly by asking who spent this weekend outside in the beautiful sunny weather? Lots of children had enjoyed the weather – let’s hope Summer is on it’s way! Ms Burgess then asked us “who has seen signs of Spring?” Children answered that they had seen daffodils, new babies and animals being born and new life beginning with plants!


What Makes Easter So Special and What Does it Represent?

Ms Katie Lynch, the youth and children’s pastor of Woodford Baptist Church, came in to speak with us today, about why she loves Easter so much & what it represents to her!

Katie started by asking us what do we like about Easter?

The obvious answers… Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, Easter Sunday, Easter egg hunt! Katie agreed and said how much she loves these things about Easter too.

Assembly Prep School

Ms Lynch then asked Mrs Mathison to be her helper for the day and asked if she would put on a tee shirt. Katie explained that “Mrs Mathison is the world, all the people in it and I represent God”.

Ms Lynch then pulled out whipped cream, chocolate spread, biscuit spread and Tomato Ketchup… “We are born clean and shiny. But we make mistakes and sin, these will represent our sins…”


“If you believe in Jesus he can take away all the sins and mistakes. He takes it all on and wears the sins to give us a clean start”. This is the reason why Katie loves Easter so much and loves the representation of Easter just as much as the bunnies and eggs!

Woodford Baptist Church Assembly

Teacher’s Achievements

We then watched Mrs Aldersons progress in Olympic weightlifting, she attended a British championships competition this weekend. Mrs Alderson finished in second winning a silver medal!! Mrs Alderson will be attending the European championships this May in Azerbaijan!

Olympic Weightlifting Silver Medal

Mrs Alderson shows us her fantastic Silver medal she won at this weekends Weightlifting Championships

You can watch Mrs Alderson’s fantastic performance at her competition over on YouTube:


Katie finished with prayer to ask that we have the best day and we excel and be the people we were designed to be!


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