Monday Assembly with Katie Lynch

This week, we had another great visit from Katie (Woodford Baptist Church). Katie came in to speak with us about confidence, our current theme for this term. She started her assembly with a party trick that she had ‘tried a million times’ and was confident in her ability to perform. Watch below to see how Katie did…

After Katie’s party trick, she spoke to us about a story from the Bible that teaches us of confidence. Katie explained the story of Moses – Moses wasn’t a confident person to begin with, but we learned that although he had a stutter, God chose him to help save the Israelites from the slavery of the Egyptian Pharaoh, by speaking with him and trying to persuade him to change his mind. God sent ten plagues to warn Pharaoh and upon the 10th plague, Pharaoh let Moses and the Israelites go.

Moses led the people away from Egypt, 100,000s people, to a better land and just as they thought they had reached safety, Pharaoh sent an army to bring them back. The army cornered them next to the sea – Moses raised his staff and the sea parted into two so they could walk through. 

Moses had no confidence in his abilities to help, speak, lead or succeed but relied on God’s strength to help him do it. Katie asked us to believe that we can do it. Whether it’s performing, doing a test, trying something new or even speaking about something. Even if it takes you a few tries, God will give us the strength and courage to succeed.

God will help if you ask for God’s help – with the strength of God’s power we can do anything!

 god's help

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