The theme for October is ‘Respect’. Respect comes in many forms and expressions, through our assemblies we hope to show our children the ways in which they can become respectful.

Today, Ms Burgess introduced ‘manners’, first by asking us what that means to us. We then watched a Walt Disney short film called ‘Table Manners’ – the children found it highly amusing and it seemed to work. Ms Burgess asked what other ways we should have manners and lots of pupils answered with what they had learned during the video.


We then watched a short clip from ‘Oliver Twist’, Oliver and his pals sing to ‘I’d Do Anything’ which shows the children “escorting the woman to the car” and “looking after others”. We also noticed that we should be putting others first, something we had focused on as a theme, earlier in the year.


To finish our assembly we prayed that we will all put others first and show respect towards each other, we then sang our hymn ‘Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow’.



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